Pee Interupted

Yes, you read that right. I said Pee Interrupted. This was an answer to a question that was asked to me. The question was this:

As a parent, what is one thing that you can do now that you were unable to do before ?

My answer was Pee Interrupted. I can not remember the last time I sat on the toilet and someone did not open the door. And yes, I do have locks on my bathroom door, but, having little kids, it, at times is easier to just keep that door unlocked rather than trying to pee and open that locked door at the same time (I tried my friends, I tried)

 BC (before children) the only person that I allowed into the bathroom while I was sitting on the pot was my friend Vanessa. But even then as soon as she came in, I couldn’t finish doing my duty. But now with kids, well nothing is sacred. The kids don’t care that I have rolls of chub. Telling me about the newest Lego toy is more important that realizing that I am in the middle of getting dressed, and I am having a losing fight with my bra. 

But it’s wonderful. I would never trade the hustle and bustle of my crazy house for some quiet time in the bathroom. To be honest, I’m not sure IF I COULD pee in total silence. I really do not mind the running around and the shrill screaming of 3 kids under the age of 6.  I get nervous when I am able to sleep past 7 am. When that happens, I wake with a start and run into their rooms to make sure they are actually still breathing and have not killed each other in their sleep. So even though I now can pee interrupted,  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Pee, shower, with all these kids its the same thing!

9 thoughts on “Pee Interupted

  1. I love that! I look at the “gym moms” and think, “Oh brother.” My house is a wreck because I don’t have a maid coming in weekly. I clean the floors and someone immediately spills hot chocolate on it. This morning I cleaned the floor and someone immediately peed on it. Good House Keeping? Whateves…

    • Exactly. I clean the house every day and every day its trashed. Like I never even cleaned it….My OCD does not do well here!!! Yeah I fired my maid along with my personal trainer at the gym that I dont have a membership too!!! LOL

      • That’s great , enjoy them while they are young. I am good , we are all packed and ready to leave when my husbands project at work is over the end of January. We will be in sunny AZ. Right now we are living with a friend and all our belongings are in storage.

      • Wow well in pretty excited for you and your move. There is Jewish expression- change your location you can change your luck. I wish for you and your wonderful husband a fresh start and a wonderful and happy and healthy new year.
        I hope your tv show is successful. I can’t wait to see it on tv- I can be like” hey I know the brain behind the magic” lol

  2. This is so funny! I saw someone celebrating on Twitter the other day that they had actually just managed to pee without their being someone else in the room, bahahaha. I do recall when I was staying with my friend Shleisel and helping her after she had her baby that I would actually continue holding him while I peed because I couldn’t lay him down and I was too afraid to let him cry- Ha! Rookie.

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