Abby’s Story…

Please follow this new blog. Please contact the admin if you want to share your story of survival and escape. I am grateful to be able to share my story again.

Your Path to Peace


It took me 3 times. I left. I came back. I left. I came back and then I left and tried never to look back. It did not start bad. I knew he was bad, but I thought I could keep it all under control. I never realized that he was the puppeteer the entire time. My story unfortunately is like so many others. We all have our reasons for starting a relationship with someone who we know may not be the best for us, and we all knew we had to get out but just could not. We all have our reasons for staying, and they are all our own and should never have to be justified. My reason for staying was pure fear. I was more afraid to leave then I was to stay. He threatened my family. He threatened me. He was a drug dealer (cocaine and…

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