To Anyone Who’s Ever Said, “Why don’t they just leave?”

Such an insightful explanation to what seems to be a simple question

Fish Of Gold

“Why do they stay?” or “Why don’t they just leave?” are common questions in response to hearing about domestic violence from those who’ve never been touched by it. I should know; I used to think that way before it happened to me. I can clearly remember saying to someone, “I’d never stay in an abusive relationship.” A decade later, I found myself with two black eyes, and more bruised and scraped skin than not, limping into a courtroom to get a restraining order after eight years of abuse.

I just heard “why don’t they just leave?” uttered last night. Someone was discussing their pregnant sister in a bad situation and a man standing nearby said it. Not that men aren’t capable of understanding, or in fact, becoming victims themselves, but in my experience, they’re more likely to voice their ignorance in the form of those questions than women. Women say…

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