An amazing move, and not so amazing public school policies ( I pay HOW much for school taxes)????

Happy New Year everyone!!! OK so I know I’m a bit late, but its been kind of hectic here and I realized that I haven’t posted in a pretty long while. So, although it would have been nice to say that I won the lottery and moved to that private island with no distractions, it just is not so!

So, what’s been going on in my little section of central Jersey? Some exciting things my friends, exciting I tell you (and no I am not being sarcastic).  A while back I posted a little self-pity rant about how my parents were selling my childhood home. Well, after a little convincing, sitting down with some hard numbers, I am happy to let everyone know that I am posting from THAT HOUSE!!!  Yes, you read that correctly. My fantastic parents decided that instead of selling for a small profit, they would allow me to take over all the payments, and I would be able to raise my kids in the same house that I was raised in. This move however has not come easily. 

There is much to do here. I am in the process of having the ENTIRE house painted.  Has anyone done this while actually living in the house? With 3 small children? It’s not fun, and I do not recommend it.  Have the house painted and go on vacation. I also made the mistake of thinking that I would just change the address of my kids schools. Not so easy as I learned last week. 

I moved about 2 miles. But changed towns. In the same district. My kindergartner was now out of district. To keep him in his current class I had to grovel to the superintendent. Got permission. Lost my busing. So, off to a new school he went. Sans busing. My middle child, can stay in the half day public pre-school program that he was in, but they took his busing away (apparently they can not make a 3 minute detour to pick him up-literally a left turn off the same road they are on anyway). Since he is in the PM class, he is now not in school. Did I mention that I am now paying the taxes ($5600.00 is mandated JUST for the school).  

With that said, I am still thrilled. My kids have an enormous playroom, I have a dining room, a kitchen, an-adult den, a front yard and even better a back yard.Best of all-A WASHER AND DRYER IN MY HOUSE. I can do laundry anytime I want. Its exciting. Even more exciting, is that I can raise my kids in the same quiet home that I spent my childhood.



6 thoughts on “An amazing move, and not so amazing public school policies ( I pay HOW much for school taxes)????

  1. Booooo! Sugar plum cocoa puff you’re back! And with a house!?!?!? 🙂 I am sorry about the taxes but you’re parents are wonderful for letting you take over the payments instead of selling.

    Guess what!! I had someone gift me a car. 🙂

    So now that you have a house, I can move in right? LOL JK You have plenty of kids, you don’t need to go adding another one to the mix. Cos I can be the biggest of them all.

    • well ya know I do have an extra bedroom!!! LOL A CAR??? THATS AMAZ-BALLS!!!!! Now you can come and visit!! We always have fun to dos in the summer time!!!!! And please I am already outnumbered, you are ALWAYS welcome!!!

    • if lamenting you mean throwing a temper tantrum you are correct!!!! LOL Now there is the crying over how much money and time I am spending at Lowes! LOL

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