Yay I have a Tahoe, boo l think my car is totaled

After all the drama of the car on my engine committing suicide on me, and then getting it fixed, someone hit me last week. Thank goodness I am ok, and there is no body damage to the car, a few days ago it started to feel like the front wheels were going to fall off. So, I bit the bullet and called the insurance company. Good news, I get a rental car. Better news, I got a Chevy Tahoe. Bad news is that since the car is really not worth anything I am sure that whatever repairs that need to be done will end up in the car being totaled. TOTALED. Uninsurable. New transmission. New headlights. New engine. All for nothing. I bought this crap 4 years ago from a friend who owns a used car lot. I paid $5000.00 I put at least that much into it.

Now I will have to buy another car. How? Who knows. I don’t really have any money. Taxes are around the corner, so I guess that’s a plus. I can put whatever little cash I get from the insurance company with my return and get what I can get. My credit is still shot so I do not think I have a snowballs chance in hell to get a loan for a buy or a lease (even though I can actually afford payment). I will only buy a re-certified car. I will NEVER get another car used from a small spot again. 

So while having this Tahoe is a plus in the snow that we got AGAIN today, I am fearful of what the future holds. Oh and to top it off the heat upstairs broke. Heat man is coming tomorrow. Lovely…

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