Happy blogaversary to me!

Wow, a year. I’m not really sure how it came and went so fast. One thing that I do know is that I am happy that it happened. Not only have I been able to bore enthrall you all with stories about how amazing silly my kids are, I have been able to share a deeper side of myself.
Through this blog I have been able to release some stress and be comfortable about speaking of my past. My friends here, and those of you who have just stopped by are privy to my backstory that many who I speak to daily have no idea about. You let me bitch and whine about school supplies, you laugh with me about the gremlins at work, and you cry and hold my hand when I speak about the abuse I endured in the past.
But the best part of this blog, the very best part is that I have connected with so many wonderful, amazing, people. When I am sad you pick me up, dust me off, and let me know that it’s gonna be ok. I dedicate this year to you. My shoulders,my laughter, And my friends. Thanks for making this a great year and for joining me on my crazy carpet ride.

Time flys by…

5 thoughts on “Happy blogaversary to me!

  1. I am thankful for happening upon someone with whom has shared some of the darker side of life that many here don’t know. That she is such a powerful example of strength to the children she loves and cares for regardless of how crazy they make her. I have gotten to see the encouragement she brings to those who come across her little corner if the world and am blessed that she has invited me in, gremlins and all.

    Thank you for the gift of being called friend. I heart you 🙂

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