The music box

Lately I have not been posting. I have been neglecting my blog for many reasons. My birthday, school, the kids. They are all excuses that are just that-excuses.  I have been mostly posting about Domestic Violence. While that is a big part of my life, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on why I started this blog. It was not to discuss the atrocious acts of my ex. It actually was to just bring some joy and of course some understanding. So today my friends I would like to tell you about the music box.

For Christmas, my daughter was given a music jewelry box. As she just turned 2, I put it away for another time. It is a simple white box with one drawer and a lid that opens. When you wind the box and open the lid, a simple ballerina spins to the music.  Just the other day, I took it out. After her bath, I sat her on her desk/dresser and opened the top of the music box. Out came the melody of the Nutcracker and the ballerina started to move in her circle. I was sitting next to my daughter on the chair of the desk and watched her face. If the moment was not as precious as it was, I would have pulled out my camera. She sat there, staring in awe and wonderment at this little plastic ballerina. My princess looked at me with such joy in her eyes and then put her arm around my shoulders.

There we sat for about 45 minutes watching this ballerina spin around and around. We sat there, my daughter and I, until her eyes were fighting to stay open. As I put her to sleep that night, I would the box one final time, and she curled up in her bed with a smile on her face.     

This is a moment that I will remember forever. This is a moment that made me so happy to be a mom. This is a moment that will be cherished. This is a moment that I am happy to share with you all, 

11 thoughts on “The music box

  1. Those are the moments, moments so special capturing them in your heart uninterrupted is more important than capturing them on film. And those are also the moments that keep us from strangling them : )

    • Aww didn’t want to make u cry but you too will have that moment… I remember the first time my oldest son told me I was the most beautiful girl ever…same feeling…

  2. Abby, that’s lovely.
    The world of blogging misses you. But I understand the time away– especially if you feel like you’ve lost sight of what the blog is for in the first place. I’ve gotten close to feeling that way a few times myself. Some time away can be helpful but I do hope that you’ll eventually come back and share more of these sorts of moments!

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