Just Because We’re Gone, It Does Not Mean It’s Over

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Picking Up the Pieces

We’ve left. So now what? Many unfortunately mistakenly hold the view that because, as survivors of abuse, we have left the relationship, that it is over, the effects vaporized into thin air, simply because we are no longer there. Those who feel this way may falsely reason that since we are out of immediate physical danger, that it’s over and we should put it behind us and just move on, without any damage, without speaking of it lest we let the monster out of the closet. The ugly truth that no one on the outside ever seems to want to face head on: that as with other survivors of traumatic events, have to deal with the impacts of the violence we lived, whether verbal, emotional, or physical in nature, and how it has the ability to sneak in and poison or taint so many aspects of our personalities and lives…

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