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Puppy Love

For as long as I can remember I wanted a dog. When I was single, I had 2 pit bulls. As a mom living in apartments, it was never possible. I just was not allowed to have a dog. I snuck my 2 cats into my apartment, but it’s not the same. Cats are well, cats. They want to be loved when THEY decide and I just wanted that excited barking and jumping that a dog gives you. When I moved into my house one of the first adventures we went on as a family was to find that perfect family dog. The man wanted a bull dog but when we looked into them, the amount of health problems scared us away. So, it was to my advantage that we were able to decide on a a pit bull. Contrary to popular belief, pit bulls are ideal family dogs. When raised the right way, they are amazing family dogs. They are wonderful with kids, adore their owners, and protect the family and the house.

We looked and looked and looked. We contacted a few rescues, and went to the local animal shelters, however, they would not give us a dog. They had all different reasons for not allowing us to adopt. The kids were to young. The dogs are unpredictable. But at the last shelter we got lucky. This man needed to surrender his pit bull and told us that if we wanted to come to his house we could meet the dog. It was love at first sight. This blue nosed pure breed American Bully was perfect. He was loving, and sweet, and just amazing. His name fit him-Capone. We took him home that day.

This dog is amazing. He is now 90 pounds and still thinks he is a lap dog. He is a snuggler. He is gentle with the kids. He loves the baby the most. I came out of the shower one morning and look what I found:



He is playful and patient. He loves to give us kisses and is happy to sit on the floor at our feet and watch tv with us. He lets me bathe him, clean him, and never gives me a problem.  He is also a wonderful teaching tool for the kids. They help us to feed him, walk him, and clean up after him. They know that the dog needs to be fed before we are fed. They know how to play with him and how not to tease him. We loved him so much we got him a friend. Yes, because I am a glutton for chaos we got our Capone a girlfriend.  A puppy named Josephine.  We got her at 3 months and now at 5 months she is 50 pounds and a more energetic version of our older dog.


IMG_0726[1]IMG_0719[1]These dogs have taught our family so much. They bring us together, and we are all full of puppy love.


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