Here we SNOW again

Being a native NJsian, there are certain things I have learned to deal with. Living close to the ocean-or as us natives call it-The SHORE is amazing. I could never imagine living anywhere that I would have to drive more that 30 minutes to see the ocean.  Many of my early summer memories are of me and my mom getting up super early and going to Long Branch to the beach every single morning. We would get there before anyone else and had our pick of the sand. I collected seashells before anyone else got there and had a clear, unblocked view of the water. I had my first jellyfish sting (sounds bad but I only remember happy times), jumping in the waves, and watching the tractors smooth out the sand.  Of course lately, the Jersey Shore means something else to the rest of the world (funny enough. only 1 person on that silly show was a native), but all in all, the “SHORE” is one of the best things about NJ.

What I despise about NJ is the snow. When I was younger, I loved the snow. Days off from school, sledding in the woods across the street from my house, and of course making snowmen outside. In college, snow meant snowboarding on fresh powder and it was all fun. But now, in my late 30’s snow is the enemy. We had a  good run for a few years. It was super cold, and would snow a little here and there but there were no major storms to speak about. Last year, literally 2 days after I moved into my house we got hit with a major snowstorm. Almost 2 feet and it didn’t stop until the end of February. Shoveling, getting plowed in, shoveling. It did not end. I assumed (and you know what happens when you assume),  that this winter we would be more fortunate. I mean, I can not remember having two winters in a row with major snowstorms since I was a kid.

So far, we were safe. Until this past Saturday we had NO SNOW! I was excited. I was thrilled. Then I watched the news on this past Sunday. 2 feet are on its way. 2 FEET!!! NOOOOOO, I silently yelled to myself, as my kids jumped up and down in glee. School is already closing early today-which means day care is closing early today. Which means I will be leaving work early today. I can pretty much guarantee that there will be no school tomorrow, so unless there is a state of emergency, I will not be going to work tomorrow because I will have no babysitter. Wait, no work tomorrow? That doesn’t seem too bad. Hmmm, I guess, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

snow sucks

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