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Taking out the Trash

Literally and figuratively, right now in my life, I am taking out the trash. Rewind to mid afternoon, Saturday. The man and I,  are splitting and it’s not pretty. I need him to go and he is fighting a losing battle to stay. One thing I have learned about myself in this journey of my life that I have been taking is that when I am done with something, I am done. Whether it’s my love of cheese flavored pretzels that has turned to disgust

Oh, I use to love you so much!

Oh, I use to love you so much!

or a relationship that is over, I am done. So back to last week, while he was ranting and raving about something (I really don’t know what because I have stopped listening) I was cleaning my house. My middle child was home and asked me if I needed any help. So I asked him to take out the trash. He is six. I did not expect him to do it. But, as my children often do, he surprised the hell out of me. He took the top off the trash bin, removed, and tied up the bag, went to the side door, and put the trash bag into the garbage pail in the back.  He then went to my backroom where I keep all my hoard extra supplies, took out 5 garbage bags, put 4 in the bottom of the bin, and put the 5th bag around the bin and put the cover on. He calmly went to wash his hands, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then took his sister outside to play, away from the one siding yelling. My tough, yet sensitive little man. There is much chaos about to erupt in our lives over the next couple of weeks, and I am a little more calm knowing that he is wise beyond his years.

Fast forward to this morning, and he tells me that he is big enough to always take out the trash and he wants it to be his job from now own. No problems with that from this mom, and I decided that I too am old enough to know when it is time to take out the trash. Thanks for the lesson, my dear son.

2 thoughts on “Taking out the Trash

  1. Despite some of the differences in our lives, there are still some things about each of us that are very much the same.

    There are so many lessons we can all learn from children. While I don’t have any myself, I see on a regular basis how many adults tend to be ignorant of these qualities in their children, and even though it may have caught you by surprised, it says a lot about as a mother that you noticed and further had to comment on it and admit that you can still learn from your children… despite being the adult. You are a good mother. Once that chaos erupts, don’t lose sight of that. I know you will do what you need to in order to keep them safe, but be sure you do the same for yourself as well. And I’m pretty sure that young man of yours will instinctively sense when you need him to be strong, and I have no doubt that he will support you.

    Please keep me informed how things are with you. Please. You are increasingly on my mind as the month comes close to passing into October. We may not have met in person but I love you like a sister, and even if you’re panicking and overwhelmed and frustrated and needing to vent, please keep me in the loop. XoXo

    • Oh my sweet Marie.
      Your words always have a wonderful way of calming me down. October 5th is the official date and boy am I anxious to know what is going to happen. I will always keep you in my heart and I have finally saved you in my phone (barring that I break it again).

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