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Unplugged but Buzzed In

I cut the cord. No more cable. My reasoning was a mix of financial as well as the thought that my kids brains were turning into a pile of mush inside their heads. I miss my Walking Dead, and mindless MTV shows but I still have my Netflix so we are ok there. I realized a few weeks into this shutdown that I still needed to watch the news, so I bought a HD antenna. I plugged in into the tv in my bedroom and when I scanned my channels, I was given a small gift and a wonderful surprise. Channel 9.3. The Buzzer Channel.

Where have you been all my life?

Where have you been all my life?

24  hours of all the game shows my parents watched when they were younger and that I also watched
when I was  young. There were the classic favorites such as “The Match Game”


We love you Brett!

Which has become a favorite for my oldest son (” But mom, I need to finish watching  to see if they are going to match MY answer). To my favorite old show ( and the favorite of my middle child) “Press Your Luck” 

Oh, Whammy!

We have been known to scream “No Whammy” at the TV often. Then there are the shows we never saw before like “TattleTales”, that show us some of our favorite celebrities with their spouses.


Look, its Betty White!

But you can never forget, “Lets Make A  Deal”

Wayne Brady, you are no Monty Hall

Wayne Brady, you are no Monty Hall

So although I have unplugged, the cable, and limited the amount of internet use in my house, we can still gather on my bed, after bath time for 30 minutes of good old game show fun!

4 thoughts on “Unplugged but Buzzed In

  1. Girlfriend…you are talking my language! First, I don’t have cable. I haven’t in years. I do have Netflix and I love my HuluPlus (you can get a free trial on their website), which is good to catch up on current shows. The HD antenna’s are great you get plenty of channels. More than enough to sit there undecided on what to watch. Without giving too much away… my channel is almost always on Buzzer. Wait until Saturday mornings. Enjoy!

      • Even older game shows from the 50’s and 60’s in black and white. Wait until you see some people we still see today in their youth. I’ve Got A Secret, What’s My Line, To Tell The Truth. I’m addicted. I text my mother every Saturday sending her pics of celebrities to see if she can guess who they are. Wait until you see the commercials!!! Lol. Two more days! 🙂

  2. Ok, I’ve been wanting to cut the cord for at least 4 years. The biggest thing holding me back is that ding-dong “bundle” pricing. I’m actually afraid they’ll charge me *more* if I don’t have TV. But a close second is the HD antenna. When I read the websites Google sends me to, it sounds really complicated. Can you share how you picked the antenna and whether it was technically challenging, please?

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