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A letter to all you haters out there

Dear Facebook Friend who is annoyed with my posts (aka hater),

I sell stuff online. Yes, me. I post pictures of myself on Facebook with the products that I sell. This is my job. This is how I support my family. This is how we eat, how I put gas in my car, how I keep the lights on in the house.

Apparently you dislike what I do. You tell me to “get a real job.” You tell me to get off my butt and go to work. You then  go to major chain retail stores and support the CEO’s vacation homes, six-figure incomes, and minimum wage payments to their employees. As you post about your amazing haul from Target, and Wal-Mart I wonder why you are so proud to support a faceless corporation and are so quick to put down me, a single mom, perhaps your                                                                                                dream buildingfamily member or your friend for trying to build my dream?

How hard it to press the like button or to make a quick comment? Seriously, would it kill you to buy a mascara or an small eye-shadow? I see you supporting Kylie Jenner and being so upset when her makeup is on back-order, yet complain when I post about my amazing lip gloss! I need to know what is so offensive about me trying to make a life for my family that doesn’t include Corporate America. Why is it so difficult to support my choice to stay home with my kids and work at the same time? Why is it so difficult to support my example to my children that no matter what life brings you, you can always start again and make it better?

Maybe its good enough for you to spend your entire life working for someone else. Maybe its good enough for you to stress over how to make it paycheck to paycheck. I do not and will not judge your decisions, but I will not ever make a choice of to go to work or stay home with my kids when they are sick. I will not judge you, but I will not miss a class trip that my kids want me to come on.

So please, turn that frown upside down and smile when you see my posts. Know that yes, I am indeed working a “real job” (that actually pays every 3 hours). Know that I am supporting my family  in the best way I know how to. Know that even though you did not support me when I started, I would love to have you join me so that you can stop building everyone else’s dream and start building yours!


Abby (your friendly makeup loving, confidence building, direct marketing bestie)

P.S. Seriously, try the mascara. It’s that good!

3 thoughts on “A letter to all you haters out there

  1. Well said and a valid argument! I applaud you for trying to remain in the home with your children. You are making them the priority and I wish every mother who wanted to stay at home with their children could do so. The JOB you are doing is not an easy one. You need persistence, confidence, and a great personality. I’ve tried selling products from various places and am not cut out for it. I think you are and you are doing amazing!! By the way, I love my mascara : )

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