Celebrating by eating a bagel aka sabotaging myself

So its been a week that I have been actively watching my weight. I was at the doctor with my daughter this morning and I put myself on the scale. I was so excited. I was sure that I lost at least 5 pounds. I mean, my jeans were looser, my shirts didn’t feel so tight, and I was able to climb the 24 steps at my office without having a complete heart attack in the morning. I was also sick last night ( a bout with dehydration) so I didn’t really eat anything last night. Drumroll please….I lost a pound. 1 lb.. that’s it. I mean, its not like I was actively exercising. Sigh….So to celebrate weep over my failure, I went to the bagel store and got some carbs that are unnecessary.  Once again I used my family as an excuse. They love bagels, we hardly ever get them, well I can go on for days with excuses of why and how I eat how I eat. The truth is, I need to exercise. I need to take responsibility for the way I eat, and the terrible habits I have. It is no ones fault but my own. So here is to a new week. I will try again. I will try exercise.  I will not actively sabotage myself and then wonder why things are not going the way that I want them to.

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