Does falling in the ocean count as exercise?

I have been lazy. Very lazy. I have not yet officially worked out yet, but I did go to the beach yesterday-I have the ever-so painful sunburn to prove it. As I was stuffing my face with all the foods that I love, but my body does not, I kept on saying ” I am going to the beach, that is a lot of exercise” Looking back at my day, I guess I did exert myself a little bit more than usual. I pulled the beach buggy (a wonderful cart made to haul all your crap) through the sand to that “perfect spot”. I then unloaded and set up all the chairs, the blankets, the umbrella, and the tent. I did have some help, but did much of it on my own. Then came the really hard work.  I have not been to the beach in 2 years-embarrassing since I live 15 minutes from the Jersey Shore.

The undertow and strength of those waves were wonderful resistance exercises. Granted, if I was able to keep my fat ass  I mean myself from falling every time a wave came around that would probably been a bit more helpful. I was lucky enough to get a chance to go into the deeper area where I was treading water and being slammed in the face  “jumping” the waves and my arms and legs were getting a pretty good workout.  I know that it’s a small step to take ( and of course today my steps are smaller because my legs are hot pink) but it was a step none-the-less.

I ate fruits instead of chips and I even ate steamed veggies and rice from the Chinese take out while everyone else ate fried chicken. I was terrible on Saturday night when my evil  generous neighbor got Kentucky Fried Chicken for all of us for dinner, but it is not their fault that I  scarfed down ate two pieces of chicken and two biscuits.  What I have learned from this weekend, is that there is always going to be “bad” food out there. Moderation is the key. If I ate just some white meat and made myself a salad, that KFC meal would not have been so terrible.  The funny part about it, is that when looking back at all the crap I ate this weekend, knowing that it was not helping me at all made it less worth it. Maybe that’s the actual beginning of my true change.  All I know is that I am ready for the new me no matter what it takes or how long it takes.

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